Solutions & Services

Color Lab

Soujanya’s dedicated color lab is equipped with advanced Color Matching software and spectrophotometer, enabling greater efficiency, accuracy and precision in shade matching, with delta(E) consistently less than 0.5. The color lab offers customized formulations for your fandecks and shade cards, training on QC checks for bases & Color matching.

Additionally, we offer a mobile color lab service, where our color experts will visit the customer with portable equipment, and carry out color matching activities on-site.

color swatch

Technical Support

Our Tech Support team is just a phone call or email away. We offer ongoing technical support to make successful adaptation of our tinting solution into your systems. Whether it is standardization of bases, optimizing compatibility, shade matching or other performance requirements- we are there for you.

VivaTint Software

Vivatint is an External Dispensing Software that can link with various commercially available color dispensers.

Features include Formulae book, Formulae edit, Custom formulae, Statistics helps to serve faster customer needs.


Our complete solutions come with an exciting fandeck. Our products are offered with the Color Symphony color pallet, which provides an exciting range of truly international 1008 shades. We are also adept at working with globally recognized color standards such as RAL and NCS, as well as customized fandecks.

Equipment Tie Ups

Our colorants are compatible with all types of tinting machines like Hero, Fast & Fluid, COROB, Santint etc. We help our customers to choose the right type of tinting machine as per their need / requirements.